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    Top Reasons Realtors Should Partner With a Moving Company

    Last updated 4 years ago

    You need all kinds of partners when selling a home for a client. A home inspector, a flood plain inspector, a title company, and an insurance consultant are all important. But don’t forget to partner with movers in NYC that you know and trust. This relationship can provide not only partnership benefits for you, but simplicity and peace of mind for your client.


    As a real estate agent, you are working to move someone out of their house and into another, and whether they do that before or after the sale, they need a moving company. By having a partner company, that gives discounts for your referrals, you will save your customers money and generate good will in the all-important word-of-mouth marketing.


    Even the moving company can be cross-promotional as they work with clients who need to move, and need a real estate agent to help them find a home. As you are recommended more and more, your client base will grow and so will your bottom line.


    Having a partner moving company is that last touch you will have with your client. You want movers in NYC who will treat them well and will take care of their needs. Your client will thank you for the special treatment they feel, if not in words, but in their experience getting to their new home.


    Work hard to get a partner moving company that is trustworthy, and you will see the benefits.


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    How to Avoid Moving Delays This Summer

    Last updated 4 years ago


    If you’re looking for movers in NYC, you might be thinking about tackling a move this summer. Whether it’s in or out of the New York City area, we want to give you a few tips that will help you avoid delays when relocating this summer.


    1. Plan Ahead: The more notice you can give a mover, the better. Think about calling 4-5 moving companies about 6-8 weeks before your planned move date to start the in-home estimate process. It’s important that you actually have the mover come to your home to assess the items that you want moved. More than ever, moving brokers are offering free quotes online – beware of this type of moving estimate, as it will not be as accurate as an in-home estimate and typically comes with strings attached. Once you’ve gotten 4-5 in-home estimates, narrow down your options and try to schedule your move date as soon as you’re able.


    2. Avoid Weekends: The summer is the busiest time of the year for the moving industry. So, with that in mind, you might want to consider taking some time off during the week for loading and unloading. Weekends typically book up quickly, so if you can try to be flexible and schedule your move day during the week – the flexibility will pay off in the long run.


    3. Be Flexible: Offer a 2-3 day window for your loading and unloading days, so that your moving company can better plan the logistics of your move. Many times, during the summer months, moving trucks might travel with more than one customer’s items, so it’s important to offer the scheduler as much flexibility as possible to ensure they’re able to book the most efficient route.


    By planning ahead, avoiding weekends and being flexible – you will better work with your moving company and will have a better moving experience all around. 

    Ways to Spot a Rogue Mover in NYC

    Last updated 4 years ago

    If you’re a realtor – you know that dealing with clients moving in and out of homes, is personal business. There are plenty of quality movers in NYC, but there are some scammers out there too. You want to protect your clients from moving fraud, especially if they are from out of town.


    A rogue mover is one that has shady practices, or even drastic practices such as moving goods, then holding them hostage until their exorbitant price is paid. Clients can get themselves into trouble with these people if they are not careful about what they sign and agree to.


    In order to avoid a rogue mover:


    1. Look for movers who are licensed and certified. Check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They handle rules and regulations for state-to-state moves. Contact the local attorney general, consumer affairs, or the Department of Transportation office for in-state moves.


    2. Beware of low-ball estimates that are handled online or over the phone. This is a classic red flag of moving fraud. Recommend your clients get written estimates from several movers based on a in-person inspection of their household goods.


    3. Avoid movers that do not show U.S. DOT numbers and brokers that do not show Motor Carrier (MC) numbers in their advertisements.


    4. Always tell your clients to refuse to sign incomplete documents. This is how many rogue movers end up with the right to hold goods until their price is paid. They hold a signed document which they have altered after the signing.


    Have great, tried and trusted movers in NYC to recommend to your clients. It will serve you well in the end.


    (Photo attributed to Flickr member @monkerino via the creative common license)



    Best iPhone Apps to Download When Moving to New York City

    Last updated 4 years ago

    After you’ve made the big decision to move to New York City, you’ll be making the call to some NYC movers, then looking for information to make your move easier. Your iPhone is the perfect tool when moving. Try these apps for your big move.


    Fodor’s New York CIty Travel Guide, Random House Digital, Inc.

    Fodor’s won’t let you down. World renowned for finding the best of the best, this app gives you access to their reviews of restaurants, shops, and sights written by a team of 700 writers. You will be able to explore a neighborhood or find what is nearby with detailed interactive maps, bookmarking tools, and field-note tools.


    New York City Cocktail Compass, Night & Day Studios, Inc.

    The L Magazine’s Cocktail Compass helps you find happy hours near you. Get bar names, locations, contact information, and the distance from you. Check to see if there is wi-fi or an outdoor patio. Bookmark your favorite bars to find them again. You can even hit a cab button and call a cab home if you’ve overindulged!


    New York Street Food, Night & Day Studios, Inc.

    Eating street food is one of New York’s great pleasures, and the quality and variety is copied no where else in the world. Find 100 of the best street food vendors, with detailed reviews of each one. Sort by cuisine, location, or neighborhood. Find public seating areas where you can eat your food. Have a craving? You can find it all in NYC using this app.


    New York Subway Map, mxData Ltd

    This app has done a major overhaul re-designing it with a hip new look and iPad support. Tap stations on the map to tag them and you can plan jouneys between home and work and social events. They use the official liscenced MTA map of the NYC subway. You’ll get the updates for station and route changes. The best feature is that it will tell you the location of your nearest station.


    Free New York City, Raza Shaikh

    This app gives you over 85 fully informative listings of free or almost free activities from museums and galleries to walking tours of historical neighborhoods and national landmarks. Find free concerts, blues shows, or how to get free studio audience tickets for Dave Letterman, The Daily Show, or The Colbert Report.


    So once your NYC movers pull away, you should have all these apps on your phone and be sure of yourself as you find the subway, dinner, or something to do!


    (Photo attributed to Flickr member @somayalangley the creative common license)


    5 Tips When Moving to NYC This Summer

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Moving to New York City and need some tips on how to get there safely and with more cash in your pocket? Here are five tips for you to read before you even think about calling NYC movers.


    1. When hunting for an apartment, be prepared to sign a contract on the spot, or someone else will surely do it before you can get back, especially if it is an uncommonly good place. Bring:

    -           a letter of recommendation from your current landlord

    -           most recent pay stubs

    -           most recent tax returns

    -           copies of your bank statements

    -           your check book, and enough money in your account to cover a security deposit and first month’s rent


    2. Consider various neighborhoods before committing. If you find a comfortable apartment in a nice building, but it is a hour commute from your job, it won’t be right. Limit yourself to one subway transfer per commute. If you can get an apartment on the same subway line as your place of work, you are golden.


    3. Sell your car. It will only be a hassle and a huge expense. You’d have to pay rent for a permanent parking space, or spend all your time looking for one near home. Count the savings of not having a car and they will contribute to the higher cost of living in NYC.


    4. Consider getting an unlimited subway card if you will be riding at least twice a day. They are sold at manned subway stations or search for the Metrocard option at a kiosk. You can buy any amount from one day to 30 days, and they don’t start until you use the first ride. Be careful not to let them sit too long and expire.


    5. If the grocery store near your home is too expensive, make a habit of going out of your way to save a little cash. Find the nearest C-Town or PathMark store in order to keep from paying the high end prices of health food stores in Manhattan.


    Knowing even a little bit of insider information can save a lot of hassle and money. Once you are committed to moving, call your NYC movers and schedule your trip!


    (Photo attributed to Flickr member @heidielliott via the creative common license)

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